Where & When


Loft Location

900 Queen St. West
Toronto, Loft 205


The enchanting Loft is where the Spiritual Boot Camp and other events are held!


This is a 5-month, 160HR challenge. The rhythm is a weekly meeting interweaving the tri-part components: Tantra, Relationship Skills and Spiritual-Science. Between meetings participants pair up to do dyad swaps (facilitating each other in processing), based on the skills taught.


If people need to miss some meetings for work, travel, illness or similar compelling circumstances, this is acceptable. However, this is not a “come when you feel like it drop-in program.” It is a boot camp with a focused intensity to help people entrain with the valuable skills and knowledge they will acquire. If a participant finds the commitment too much they can leave and consider beginning again with another Wave.

Upcoming Wave:
WAVE 6 @ The Loft

Term 1:
Tue. Jan. 8 – March 12, 2019   7~10pm
Weekend Immersion:
Sat. March 16, 2~7pm
Sun. March 17, 10~5pm


Term 2:

Tue. April 2 – June 11, 2019   7~10pm
Weekend Immersion:
Sat. June 8, 2~7pm
Sun. June 9, 10~5pm

Doing the Terms Separately?

There is the option of doing the 1st term (first half of Jewel in the Lotus), then doing the 2nd term (second half of Jewel) as part of a later Wave. This is to accommodate people who want to do the program but are unable to do it in one continuous 5 month block.