Investment & Commitment

Wave 6

160HR Certificate Training

Run Dates:

Term 1:
Tue. Jan. 8 – March 12, 2019   7~10pm
Weekend Immersion:
Sat. March 16, 2~7pm
Sun. March 17, 10~5pm


Term 2:
Tue. April 2 – June 11, 2019   7~10pm
Weekend Immersion:
Sat. June 8, 2~7pm
Sun. June 9, 10~5pm

Term 1 :$475
Term 2: $475



People will receive all texts and handouts as part of their tuition. The main book for the Tantra training is Jewel in the Lotus (3rd Edition) by Sunyata Saraswati & Bodhi Avinasha. A free download of Chapter 1 available through menu of:

Ipsula Home Page


Or directly here:

Free download of Chapter 1

Jewel in the Lotus

Investment & Commitment

There are 2 terms to the training, which can be paid for all at once, per term, or in monthly installments. We like to think of the tuition as an  investment in yourself – but it also covers all material costs, including books and handouts. Financial arrangements are available if needed. This training is accessible to anyone who feels called to it.

The greater price to be paid is the commitment you make. It is a commitment to yourself and the other participants to show up, do the work, and carry your weight as a pillar in the circle – making participation a priority for the duration of the Boot Camp. This is what ultimately puts you in the “Loading Zone of Life” where you can unload the unnecessary baggage you carry and open to receive the many blessings Life has to offer when you commit to participate fully.


The return on your investment is the opportunity to accelerate your growth through the circle work, dyads (working in pairs) and individual assignments. And to recognize how your life  influences the whole ~ that’s how powerful you are! When you have crossed the “Finish Line” of the Spiritual Boot Camp you will carry increased assets in yourself and be able to “pay it forward” to the world with greater value.

Upon Completion

 After “crossing the finish line” as an Athlete of the Spirit, and receiving a Certificate of Completion for the 160HR Training, grads will be part of the growing Beyond the Boot community that has on-going events and community building gatherings. They will also have access to the Dyad Network – a community of like-minded, like-skilled people, with whom you can freely do dyad swaps. This sort of spiritual activity does much to raise the collective vibration and feed the field of a new conscious culture.


Serving as a pillar in the circle


There is also an Advanced Training for individuals who want to take the “zip-file” of knowledge they received in the Spiritual Boot Camp and unzip it further.

Heart and Soul

We hope you have a clear picture of what it would look like should you be involved. The heart and soul of this initiative is to create a well-held sacred space for learning and growing. The vision is to work with our spiritual, social and sensual nature simultaneously – as a path to higher consciousness and well-being – that we may rise to all we can become – both as individuals and as a collective community.


Get in ~ get the goods ~ take it to the street  …  and pay it forward!