Participation & Preparation

How to Participate


If you are interested send an email to Jesse & Laura:


This may lead to a personal or phone meeting.

With this sort of training it is helpful if an interested person has a sense they are being called to it — that it feels aligned and that they are getting green lights from the universe. And that it feels like the right time. If not sure, we can discuss it and help determine your connection to this work.

Letter of Introduction


When a person is serious about becoming a committed participant then send a brief (1-2 page) letter giving us information about yourself: why you are interested, current circumstances, past spiritual experiences & training, health issues … and anything else you feel relevant for us to know in supporting you. Also indicate any known scheduling issues. All information is respected with confidentiality.


Interested people are encouraged to attend an Orientation Meeting to hear a presentation with Q&A.

Who Participates


In deciding who participates, there are a range of factors to consider, ie: order of applying, size of the group, balance of energies, who is ready, personal needs, etc. The interest in this program is high and we have had to ask people to wait until a later Wave. On-going Waves start each September and January. After we give due consideration to all the applicants a personal confirmation will be given to each accepted participant.



The more you do now to prepare for the Spiritual Boot Camp the clearer the way will be for you and the further you’ll be able to advance while in it. Any kind of intensified training inherently involves a certain amount of purifying of body, mind and spirit, so it is good to start now with that to better reap the rewards of your efforts while in the program. Areas to consider are: diet, physical exercise, and cultivating an inner life.


You will be receiving a lot of good energy by participating in this “high vibe circle” and could experience detoxing on any level of your being.  That’s the good news. Doing work ahead of time is recommended and it may be a good idea to have a preparatory conversation to see if you’re on the right track.


When the Spiritual Boot Camp begins all you need is a notepad to receive, a heart willing to give and loose comfortable clothing for some of the physical movement. All handouts (and other supplementary materials) provided are included in the tuition for the 160HR Training.


Participation in the Spiritual Boot Camp will invite inner and outer alchemy

The Understanding

The combination of the 3 components of the Spiritual Boot Camp (Tantra, Peer Facilitation, and Spiritual-Science) will be rich with experience and learning. This 5-month challenge could be approached as a marathon, where there is a continual need for effort (studying, practising, dyading, attending weekly gatherings, self-care, etc.). So you should consider this your “thing” for the duration of the Spiritual Boot Camp. Clear the deck of distractions so you can invest as much in as possible … and get even more out!


The tone of the program is as a study group to better comprehend the nature of the spiritual journey. This training may be the first serious step for some in their conscious awakening, and exposure to concepts ranging from chakras, kundalini, soul-work and spiritual practices. Therefore the understanding is that no one is expected to master all the practices and concepts immediately. People are expected to do their best with the practices and keep up with the reading assignments, however no one is expected to immediately integrate the learning into their daily life. This takes time and will be a gift to unwrap the rest of your life.


There is a certain level of intimacy as well as vulnerability in working as a group, so gatherings are conducted in a spirit of respect, awareness of privacy issues, and attentiveness to boundaries. Furthermore, people are asked to not imbibe of intoxicants or consciousness altering substances in any time frame prior to gatherings that would affect their presence and impinge upon the comfort of others. To participate means to realize you are engaged with a circle of people that extends beyond our physical meetings and that all actions have a ripple effect that can be felt by all – so we endeavour to conduct our lives both in and outside of the circle in a manner that feeds the field with healthy energies.

Human Rights Policy

The Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code), states that it is public policy in Ontario to recognize the dignity and worth of every person and to provide equal rights and opportunities without discrimination. Future-Lineage Spiritual School is committed to providing a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of each person, so that each person feels a part of and able to contribute to the community. Under the Code, every person has the right to be free from harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated, condoned, or ignored at Future-Lineage Spiritual School. Please read the document for more information: Human Rights Policy.