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The Facilitators, Laura & Jesse, at The Encountering Our Humanity: From Knowledge to Conscious Action Conference (Ottawa)





We are in the healing, Yab Yum Tantra Position






We are performing our Beats n’ Bowls event. The journey is from meditation to ecstatic dance, finishing with a glorious soundbath





We love co-creating soundscapes with nature with the a frame drum, hand pan, kora, and quartz crystal singing bowls



Facilitators and Background

The Spiritual Boot Camp is co-created by Jesse Stewart and Laura Storey. The idea of an integrated, systematic training has been brewing for a few years and first landed in September 2015 when Jesse and Laura invited some friends to form a study group for the book Jewel in the Lotus – a tantra training. And so began the first or “Beta Boot Camp.” As it evolved it became apparent that participants also wanted support for their inner life and processing. At this point Jesse brought in material he had developed and taught for the Rudolf Steiner Centre, a program called “Skilled Friends,” where people learn to facilitate each other in inner processing.

When Wave 1 of the Spiritual Boot Camp was launched in September 2016 it also included the 3rd component of Spiritual-Science to round things out and give support to the spiritual striving of participants, along with the tantra  and social skills components. This systematic training offers an alternative to the “goat learning” so prevalent in our times, where people nibble here and there, often not adding up to much but confusion and spiritual indigestion.

Jesse Stewart

After a few years of spiritual bumbling and botched initiations, while in his 20s, Jesse entered a 4 year Spiritual Warrior and Leadership Training in the US. Following this he completed the training to become a Waldorf School teacher and worked part-time in the schools while going on to train as a spiritual psycho-therapist. Also training with the programs offered by the Clairvision Meditation School as well as Vesica Institute, allows him to teach advanced meditation techniques and lead meditation groups and vision quests. Trained in Biogeometry, Reiki, NLP, Focusing and various other healing modalities, he works innovatively to support seekers on their spiritual journey. As a musician he performs and brings a musical element to all his events.

With a lifetime of spiritual studies Jesse regularly gives talks on Spiritual Science as Social Activism and Self-Initiation, guiding people in practical exercises for personal development as well as social activism. Over the years Jesse has worked with hundreds of people giving workshops, leading circles, men’s groups and mentoring 1-to-1. He also has experience working with entheogens and guides people in the experience of working with Plant Spirit medicines.

The birth of the Spiritual Boot Camp is the fulfillment of a dream to provide a focused, systematic training that blends Tantra, Peer Facilitation, and Initiation Science – to intertwine the sexual, social and spiritual aspects of human nature (body, soul and spirit). This platform also gives much leverage to his interest in conscious community building.

Laura Storey

Laura has two University Degrees, in Theatre and Psychology. She intended on finishing a Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Therapy, however embarked on a spiritual initiation instead, which lead to a 5 month backpacking trip through East Africa. She is inspired by and (usually) welcomes the mysterious ways that life unfolds and manifests.

Laura’s spiritual studies and practices incorporate knowledge from many Epochs. They extend from the ancient mystery schools to modern modalities, with a particular interest in ones which harmonize soul and spirit such as, Spiritual-Science, Tantric Yoga, and BioGeometry (based on Egyptian Sacred Science).

With a broad arts training as a foundation (Arscura, Rudolf Steiner College), Laura is enthusiastic about holistic practices, which work with sound, geometry, and colour to support a harmonized evolution for human beings and the universe. She seeks opportunities to create supportive environments for others to safely explore soulscapes and thresholds through art and spiritual practices.

Laura feels it is an honor and privilege to co-hold space with others that feel called to participate in the Spiritual Boot Camp.