Key Dates


WAVE 5 @ The Loft
Runs Thursdays Sept. 2018

Orientation Evening:
Thur. Sept. 20, 2018
@ 7~9pm

Run Dates: Thursday Evenings
Term 1:
Thur. Sept. 27 – Dec 13, 2018
@ 7~10pm
Weekend Intensive:
Sat. Dec. 8, 6:30~10pm &
Sun. Dec. 9, 10~5pm
Holiday Break
Term 2:
Thur. Jan. 10 – March 14, 2019
@ 7~10pm
Weekend Intensive:
Sat. March 9, 6:30~10pm &
Sun. March 10, 10~5pm

Loft Location

900 Queen St. West
Loft 205, Toronto



Come to an Orientation Evening to learn more!

“Missing from our culture are good trainings that integrate the social, sexual and spiritual aspects of human nature in a modern way.”          Jesse Stewart


Welcome to the Spiritual Boot Camp webpage. Most information can be found in the intro videos and under the tabs.  Send questions to Jesse & Laura: Jesse@SpiritualBootCamp.buzz   or
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